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April 07, 2020

Conversational Belief Change Using Sleight of Mouth

Jamie Smart

NLP > Language and Metaphor
Conversational Belief Change Using Sleight of Mouth When it comes to understanding language, there’s a problem. Language goes by fast. With covert patterns, it’s not just fast, it’s almost invisible. In order to effectively discover these patterns, Jamie Smart has created a new type of NLP DVD. On it you will be able to freeze time, gaze deep into someone’s mind and see a belief changing before your eyes. And because he literally stops time in the commentary, you’ll be able to keep up with the changes as they happen. This DVD will give you insights into how NLP really works and how to use your language to create change. It will show you how to do Sleight of Mouth and Conversational Belief Change like never before. Contents include: - Language patterns, including time language and hypnotic language - The sleight of mouth patterns, the most powerful belief-change patterns there are -The power of ambiguity - Sensory words & other external evidence of internal strategies - The effects of the various questions I’m asking - Perceptual positions - The keys to getting provocative strategies to work - without this, you can do real damage by being provocative. Jamie is rightly proud of this resource. He says it’s exactly what he would have crawled to the moon and back for when he was learning these patterns! And he reckons he still picks up new stuff every time he watches it!

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ISBN: 9781905045242
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