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April 07, 2020

Rainbow Machine

Andrew T. Austin

NLP > Personal Growth
Rainbow Machine This wonderful new book from Real People Press offers fascinating glimpses into the personal change work of a top NLP practitioner and registered nurse. In settings from mental hospitals, emergency rooms, and neurosurgery departments, to individual hypnosis and psychotherapy, Austin describes how he has used in NLP to address some extraordinary cases including: Hysterical paralysis Eluding resistance Heaviness A fractured penis A screaming phobia Bedwetting Yo-yo dieting Hearing voices Rollicking, creative, lively, funny, outrageous, touching, profound. A 'must read'romp for anyone interested in therapy or personal change. As reviewed by Judith Lowe: This is a collection of highly entertaining stories about actually using NLP out in the world, sharing adventures of learning and change with troubled people, and helping them to solve their problems. Andrew Austin is very playful as well as heartfelt, and sometimes extremely provocative in his approach, being willing to try ‘what works’ and see what happens. Some of his clients exhibit quite florid symptoms which have psycho-medical labels – schizophrenia, narcissism, even ‘involutional melancholia’ and messiah complexes. Some of his own labels – ‘batshit crazy’ – are perhaps more evocative. He also describes helping people with obsessions, compulsions, bed-wetting and hearing voices – including a man wearing a tinfoil helmet to protect himself from the thoughts of aliens. His work as a neuro-surgery nurse has given him the rich experience and expert knowledge to support his excellent skills in Hypnosis and NLP. His solutions, though often unusual and maverick, are always finely tuned for the individual, while the background intellectual and clinical basis for them, from Bateson, Erickson, Bandler, Grinder and others, is robust and profound. It’s a remarkable and rare example of NLP as therapy with real examples and results.

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