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February 21, 2018

Creative Solutions: Creative problem solving as collaborative conversations

L Michael Hall

NLP > Advanced
Creative Solutions: Creative problem solving as collaborative conversations Creativity starts with thinking. When you think, you create ideas. That’s why the quality of your thinking determines the quality of creativity. When do you think? When you have a goal to achieve and when that objective is blocked. We call that a problem— something thrown in your way. This landscape of creativity— outcomes, problems, solutions, and innovation—has many variables —the creative space, the creative strategy, the attitude of loving problems, your singularity, risk management, implementation, and more. These are the components of the creative process from dream to creative solution to implementation.

What makes this practical is that each of these landscapes is managed by a creative conversation—a collaborative conversation by which you can gain new perspectives, mobilize needed resources, handle innovation risks, etc.

Creative solutions drive business, enhance groups and culture, and define how we evolve. Discover in Creative Solutions the rich complexity in the creative experience and strategy. Discover its vital engagement and joyous pleasure. If you’re ready to discover how to tap your own creative powers, become a creative person, enjoy the flow and joy of creating, and how to coach others through creative collaborative conversations—this book is definitely for you.

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