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February 24, 2018

Meta-Coaching System

L Michael Hall

NLP > Training
Meta-Coaching System

Can Coaching be systematic? Is there a structure and order to the process of Coaching? In The Meta-Coaching system: Systematic Coaching at Its Best the answer is a definite "Yes!" Beginning in 2001, the Meta-Coaching System is now in twelve volumes and three training manuals. That’s a lot of material for the entire system. But now, in a single volume, you can get an over-view of the whole system and discover the most systematic approach to coaching anywhere. The Meta-Coaching System provides a summary description of the eight models which make up Meta-Coaching and a full description of the Coaching Psychology that informs and governs Meta-Coaching – Self-Actualizaton Psychology. Discover the single uniqueness of Coaching, the principles of Coaching, the Art of Process Facilitation, and much, much more.

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ISBN: 9781890001476
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