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November 27, 2015

Secrets of Being Happy : The Technology of Health, Hope & Harmony

Dr Richard Bandler & Garner Thomson

NLP > Personal Growth
Secrets of Being Happy : The Technology of Health, Hope & Harmony Imagine for a moment that someone takes you into a huge room, packed with the most complex technology you’d ever seen and offers to show you how to operate the system so that you can instantly bounce your attitude from one of negativity and doubt to an attitude of optimism, cheerfulness and hope. How radically would your life change if you could switch, at will, from living life down to living life up? What would you be capable of achieving if you had a system guaranteed to upgrade your health and well-being, outlook and expectations? The Secrets of Being Happy is written for the average person who wants to change his or her life and achieve his or her full potential. It is full of exercises and life-changing tactics utilizing the principles of NLP with amazing results. Richard Bandler is arguably the world’s most influential contributor to the field of self-development and applied psychology.

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ISBN: 9780982780404
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