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March 19, 2018

Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well-Being (Second Edition)

Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom, and Suzi Smith

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Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well-Being (Second Edition)

"Beautifully set out this book clearly and logically guides the reader through understanding the powerful role of beliefs, both effective and incongruent or conflicting beliefs and their associated criteria, in any change work. A deft mixture of background information, techniques and demonstrations allow the reader to develop a full understanding of the practical application of the work, and makes clear just how important it is to first set the client (and the practitioner) up for success (I for one will never again fail the check with the client’s reality strategy). The sense of where and how illness is generated has been long held in complimentary and oriental medicine and at last medical research is now catching up in various ways with results that appear to be matching the science to that particular belief, so in itself it appears to be a good one to hold. Mr. Dilts and his colleagues never fail to write in an entertaining and intriguing way, getting the reader to think laterally all the while developing wider flexibility; they demonstrate absolutely that when used artfully and with the requisite variety where necessary, this stuff get great results!"

Patricia Mason INLPTA Master Practitioner NLP Senior GHR Registered Hypno/Psychotherapist Integrated Health Practitioner (Embryonic Author)

Beliefs are the foundation of everyone’s personal outcomes.

This second edition includes new and updated material and offers leading edge technologies that rapidly and effectively identify and remodel limiting beliefs.

It teaches you powerful processes for change and demonstrates how to identify and change beliefs using scripts from personal change work undertaken with individuals in workshops. These processes include re-imprinting, conflict integration, belief/reality strategies, visualization and criteria identification.

You will learn the latest methods to change beliefs which support unhealthy habits such as smoking, overeating and drug use; change the thinking processes that create phobias and unreasonable fears; retrain your immune system to eliminate allergies and deal optimally with cancer, AIDS and other diseases; and learn strategies to transform "unhealthy" beliefs into lifelong constructs of wellness.

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ISBN: 9781845908027
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