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March 21, 2018

Butterflies and Sweaty Palms: 25 Sure-fire ways to Speak and Present with Confidence

Judy Apps

Education > Personal Development and Coaching
Butterflies and Sweaty Palms: 25 Sure-fire ways to Speak and Present with Confidence

If you have ever carried a lucky talisman in your pocket to give yourself courage before a big event then carry this book instead. Based on Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP), the groundbreaking solutions to performance anxiety in this book will carry you through the most daunting experience of public speaking.

The exercises are simple and highly effective. Even if you have suffered intolerably from performance nerves in the past this book will enable you to perform with passion and determination and wow your audience. How many times have you picked up a self-help book and thought "It’s all very well, but it won’t work for me?". This time the book meets you where you are and helps you to succeed by approaching the problem on many different levels.

Judy inspires and encourages you with her descriptions and anecdotes. There are exercises that you can easily do at home and which are interesting and fun to do. The exercises are diverse so that issues are tackled in a variety of different ways. You can do the exercises either alone or with other people. The book is brief and easy to read, the techniques highly practical and the methods simple

"This is a ‘must buy’ book for all of us with presentation nerves which, let’s face it, is most of us. Judy has an uncanny knack of putting herself in the reader’s shoes and I felt she was reading my mind! It’s an easy and engaging read packed with true stories about how famous people deal with nerves. Amidst the real-life examples and rich variety of practical, down to earth tips, readers will find that Judy understands their thoughts and has some real gems to dispel concerns, nerves and abject fear. No matter how bad things may seem this invaluable little book will give you all the tools you need to become a confident and engaging speaker." Carol Newland, NLP Coach and Trainer.

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