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March 19, 2018

Bandler Effect (5 DVD Set)

Richard Bandler

NLP > Therapy
Bandler Effect (5 DVD Set) Now available again after a long absence, this 5 DVD set is one of the best examples of how Richard applies the techniques of NLP in a therapeutic context. For the therapist looking to understand more of how he does what he does, the set is a clear guide to making change in clients with all manner of problems. Each DVD has footage of Richard working with clients with specific problems. From the woman who wants to give up smoking and other who wants to stop nail-biting on the Changing Habits DVD, through the musicians who are struggling with their muses on the Creativity DVD, to the stressed banker on the Health DVD who is suffering from high blood pressure and the woman who is suffering from pain, Richard intervenes with the amazing skills he has perfected in NLP and hypnosis. The story is the same on the Confidence DVD, in which he helps a woman overcome her fear of driving at speeds higher than 30 mph, along with a woman who has crippling shyness that prevents her from meeting others. In both cases the changes are profound. The final DVD on Motivation is fascinating; Richard changes the way that both his clients deal with stress, getting each to wake up with a feeling of excitement about how much they can achieve in the day. If you are someone who is involved with bringing about change in others, or if you are someone who wants to know that it really is possible to change, this DVD set is for you.

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