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March 19, 2018

NLP Conference 2010 Live - DVD

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NLP Conference 2010 Live - DVD Selected live sessions from some of the best speakers, trainers and authors working in the field of NLP This eight DVD collection features selected live sessions from the 2010 NLP Conference: Tools for Building Confidence - Ian McDermott Our confidence changes our sense of what is possible, even of what we may become. Most people are more confident in some areas than others. Knowing which and how to play to your strengths is an invaluable and learnable life-skill. Using new approaches he developed for his latest book Ian will show you how to successfully build confidence. Brilliant Decision Making - Robbie Steinhouse This session will outline the decision making tools and techniques described in Robbie Steinhouse’s new book, Brilliant Decision Making. Robbie has drawn on his considerable business experience, his knowledge of NLP and the latest, ground-breaking neurological research, to design a new set of models for anyone needing to make decisions in any area of life. NLP and the Divided Brain - Sue Bayliss and Iain McGilchrist We are living in a world dominated by the left hemisphere according to Iain McGilchrist’s brilliant book, The Master and His Emissary. Iain and Sue show you how to balance your hemispheres through the left and right sides of the body as well as how to develop greater compassion for yourself and others and a sense of the interconnectedness of all life. Find out how OCD, anxiety and other left hemispherically dominant conditions can be healed by becoming ‘embodied’ and connecting to the heart. Hypnotic Voices - Judy Apps If you are a hypnotist, therapist or coach you want to use the spoken word to influence your client yet maybe you’re not sure exactly how to do this with the voice you’ve been given. This session introduces you to three key techniques for using your voice in trance work and generally for influencing people beneath their conscious awareness. Access Your Intuitive Wisdo - Judith (Judy) Pearson This workshop begins with a review of concepts regarding the unconscious mind, as propounded by Erickson, Rossi and NLP. Then Dr Pearson briefly discusses recent research in quantum physics and neuropsychology, to explain the premise that we have both an individual unconscious as well as access to a Collective Unconscious. She discusses how the unconscious mind can reveal itself in the hypnotic state and demonstrates two patterns for accessing intuitive wisdom: one from the individual unconscious, and one from the Collective Unconscious. Designing and Executing an Exceptionally Well-Formed Outcom - Michael Hall Imagine if we could take the Well-formed Outcome pattern, one of the most effective patterns for being the architect of your future, and refine it as an exquisite Coaching tool! Well Michael does precisely that. In this workshop learn an advanced version of this pattern so that you can facilitate designing and executing a client’s best outcomes to create the verbal contract for a Coaching program. Discover how to use the pattern to set up a measurable Key Performance Indicator. Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Young People - Frank Pucelik One of the worst situations to attack families in the last 50 years has been the onset of drug and alcohol abuse in our young people. Professionals from every country have been trying to understand this epidemic and are still working hard to create prevention and treatment programmes that work. Frank gives an introduction to some of the extremely successful work he is doing in the Ukraine and Russia. The programme has also been successful in the US and has a 15 year successful track record. New Code NLP – NLP for the Modern World - Michael Carroll New Code NLP is the brainchild of one of the originators of NLP, John Grinder. Its processes create powerful contexts for change to occur on multiple levels. During this session you will learn how the New Code of NLP is an effective process for creating lasting change and how at an operational level it is different from the classic code of NLP. When you learn the New Code you make the leap from NLP technician to NLP artist because the New Code brings personal artistry to the field of NLP. The Magic of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies - Julian Russell In this session you will learn how to get extraordinary results with clients just by changing the way you think. You will learn to weave magic spells that evoke spontaneous self-healing and new paths of self-organisation. You will alter your body-mind state and your mental attitude to put you in a zone where your healing thoughts can touch the soul of another, inviting development, healing and change

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