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February 21, 2018

Dialogues with Pain: Internal Body Conversations That Resolve Suffering

Jeanne Taylor Hernandez Ph. D.

Hypnosis > Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
Dialogues with Pain: Internal Body Conversations That Resolve Suffering Dialogues with Pain outlines a programme utilizing positive self-hypnotic internal conversations with your body and with pain. The programme carefully explains why and how to have such internal dialogues, which help to recognize, understand, and then control or alleviate pain. This reader-friendly guide addresses questions regarding life’s purposes, coping styles, grief, depression, and anger-and so many elements that add to physical pain. Chapter 1 outlines how to improve and enhance coping and addresses the many variables such as anxiety, resiliency, optimism, and selfimage that influence both the perception of pain and the effect pain has on life. Chapter 2 describes several aspects of your personal, or core, self, and shows how to differentiate your self from your pain and physical body in order to be objective about pain signals that surface. Chapter 3 discusses the emotional and spiritual components of pain and explores suffering in depth. Chapter 4 discusses neurological, muscular, and emotional feelings, all differentiated from pain; explores the many types of ongoing communications among your body, mind, and spirit; and explains how pain is an emotional event. Chapter 5 shows that memories are constructed from facts, interpretations, and emotions. This is relevant since both expecting pain and recalling pain can be as uncomfortable as pain itself. Chapter 6 describes a light self-hypnotic trance following a particular self-hypnotic approach and explains how to use it. Chapter 7 contains a wide range of phrases to use with your body’s systems, organs, limbs, and types of pain. The phrases really are conversation starters to get you comfortable and practiced in carrying on such conversations. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to carry on internal conversations using your own words, moving into areas of the body where comfort and healing are needed and addressing whatever else is needed to modify the interpretation of the body’s signals as pain.

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