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February 19, 2018

NLP: Principles in Practice

Lisa Wake

NLP > General
NLP: Principles in Practice This book covers the main tools and techniques of NLP from an evidence-based perspective. It should be noted that the evidence within this book is a simplistic review of the existing material. The only references that have been critically reviewed are those relevant to the study of NLP as a psychotherapy. All other evidenced papers are taken from abstracts and the rigour of the studies has not been critically appraised. The expanding evidence base and credibility of NLP is assisting the accessibility to and spread of NLP across a number of different disciplines. Currently, in 2010, there are a number of Universities offering undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programmes that include NLP either wholly or partially. Large organisations in the public and commercial sectors have adopted the principles and practices of NLP and there has also been a considerable shift since 2000 in the teaching of NLP within management processes as a mainstream topic rather than camouflaged as something else. NLP has also been adapted and integrated into psychotherapy practice and is now a mainstream psychotherapy recognised by the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). Educational programmes are littered with some of the tools and techniques of NLP, with NLP being integrated from Government policy level down to the grass roots. Books like this can only add to the growing reputation of NLP as an effective medium for change.

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