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March 17, 2018

Core Transformation: Reaching The Wellspring Within

Connirae & Tamara Andreas

NLP > Therapy
Core Transformation: Reaching The Wellspring Within Shelle writes: I took this workshop many years ago and discovered I wasn’t seeing out of my eyes, but from somewhere behind them. Weird, eh? And my hearing wasn’t centered in my ears either. I went through the process to realign my sensory inputs and then I was much more able to answer some of the core questions around my life. There is a big dialogue on an NLP LinkedIn forum about discovering the purpose of one’s life. I think a read of this book would help enormously! Imagine the very things you most dislike about yourself becoming a transformative gift from within! Based on the foundational process taught in Connirae’s "Aligned Self" seminars, this book illustrates the simple yet powerful techniques of discovering your core states and evolving these into positive resources. A great book.

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ISBN: 9780911226331
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