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March 21, 2018

Leadership with a Moral Purpose: Turning Your School Inside Out

Will Ryan (Edited by Ian Gilbert)

Education > Leadership
Leadership with a Moral Purpose: Turning Your School Inside Out

Will Ryan has written the essential read for headteachers who know that there is more to school improvement than blindly following government initiatives. This book gives all primary heads - aspiring, newly appointed or those for whom the phrase ‘There must be somethingmore than this....! ‘rings a bell’ - the ideas, techniques, tools and direction to turn their schools Inside-Out and inspire them to lead with the heart and with the soul.

What’s more it will help give Heads the confi dence to do those things they know are right because they are right for the children, right for the staff and right for the community. Contents include developing an `Inside Out Vision` and creating the vision for: the school, classroom, inclusion, positive attitudes, social and emotional aspect of learning, professional learning community, leadership and parents. 'How refreshing to read a book like Leadership with a Moral Purpose! It is brim full of passion, insights and plain good old common sense.... a book that will both instruct and inspire.' Professor David Hopkins, HSBC iNet Chair of International Leadership, Formerly the Chief Adviser to three Secretaries of State.

'Will Ryan has written a powerful resource that will both challenge and reassure school leaders. He writes from the perspective of effective learning and is unswerving in his commitment to the quality of the learner’s experience as the primary purpose of leadership. He provides abundant stimuli and resources to stimulate reflection and review and support action.' John West-Burnham, Visiting Professor of Education leadership, Queen’s University, Belfast.

'Leadership with a Moral Purpose is a complete primary school leadership manual for the immediate future. It has its head in the skies and its feet on the ground. A fantastic combination - vision and pragmatism, head and heart, in equal measure. With books like this we might, at last, break the fi nal shackles of that debilitating Thatcherite premise, that schools are essentially factory-like businesses, and assert the unique, incomparable, vital nature of expertly-led, community-appropriate, student-focussed, individuallyconfigured, globally-aware, creatively-charged, values-driven, sky-is-the-limit places of learning. Will, I am asking every primary headteacher I meet to read your book. It swims with the changing tide.' Paul Ginnis, best selling author The Teachers Toolkit.

' Will Ryan has taken up a theme dear to my heart-What’s Worth Fighting For in the Headship-And he does it with powerful and practical results. He shows how Heads can and must take greater charge of their own and their schools’ change destinies. He furnishes a fantastic framework, gems of ideas and easy to grasp conceptual tools, and useful and easy to use checklists and rating forms. Ryan says at the outset, this is "less of a book more of a campaign" Actually it is more of both, precisely because it is a book of ideas and passion. Every page has ideas worth grasping. Read it and it really will make you a better leader.' Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus, OISE/University of Toronto.

'Leadership with a Moral Purpose is just the kind of book today’s primary headteachers need. It gives them the intellectual permission to think outside the strict confines of government initiatives. Instead, it encourages them to focus on an inspiring and heartfelt vision that will bring rich rewards for learners and the wider school community. Based on his experience leading and advising schools, Will Ryan explains clearly and convincingly how to create an inspirational school. If you’ve ever thought that education has lost its way in this country, this is a book for you. But more than that, this text will help you rediscover the reasons you fi rst came into teaching. It is the kind of book that can genuinely change the world for the better.' Brin Best, award winning author and education consultant.

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