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April 23, 2018

Boundaries in Human Relationships: How to be Separate and Connected

Anne Linden

NLP > Therapy
Boundaries in Human Relationships: How to be Separate and Connected

Boundaries are what keep us separate from other people. But they also connect us to them. Being able to manage the boundaries in our relationships enables us to stay fulfilled, happy and productive, and move beyond our psychological and emotional blocks. Boundaries in Human Relationships delves deeply into the meaning of boundaries, how to manage them and provides the practical skills and tools necessary to use them to our advantage.

'This wonderful book by Anné Linden addresses a crucial aspect of human relationships. The writing is very clear, helpful, and meaningful. I believe many people can benefit from reading it.' Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D. author of The Courage to Love. 'This book is for anyone who wants a better understanding about this often-ignored aspect of human relationships and provides valuable information for therapists and coaches who work with clients having boundary issues. The information applies to situations we encounter every day. Read it and you could acquire a deeper understanding of yourself in relation to those around you, and expand your flexibility in truly being comfortable with others, while maintaining your own unique individuality. Anné, thank you for yet another gem!' Judith Pearson, author and trainer

'Anné writes, ‘Boundaries are the most basic and fundamental element of any functioning relationship.’ This easy-to-read, delightful and informative book will guide and counsel you about this essential element, never before written about with such wisdom. A must for teachers, NLP trainers, and Therapists as well as lovers and parents, it will become your user’s guide to successful relationships.' Dr Susi Strang Wood, NLP Master Trainer and psychotherapist.

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