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March 20, 2018

Hypnotic Use of Waking Dreams: Exploring Near-Death Experiences without the Flat Lines

Paul W Schenk

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Hypnotic Use of Waking Dreams: Exploring Near-Death Experiences without the Flat Lines

People who undergo near death experiences often have profound and life changing experiences. It is as if the whole of their life has been put into perspective and they can see relationships, experiences, hopes and dreams in a completely new light. Now Paul Schenk shows you how you can help clients experience some of the life changing benefits of a near death experience without the life-threatening cardiovascular crisis. With full length annotated case transcripts, you will learn how to do this and explore the many other things you can do with hypnotically facilitated waking dreams.

The therapeutic usefulness of dream interpretation is deeply rooted in psychotherapy. Good fiction can make for rich clinical material. The Hypnotic Uses of Waking Dreams bypasses the core problem associated with past life therapy, i.e. that if reincarnation doesn’t exist, neither can past life therapy. It provides a much more traditional approach to understanding and utilizing the kinds of chemical experiences that occur with this interactive approach to hypnotically facilitated dream-like imagery. Dr Schenk integrates classic teachings on dream interpretation and trauma treatment with decades of published work on near death experiences. The resulting applications to a variety of presenting clinical problems are demonstrated with extensive case transcripts. The therapeutic use of waking dreams is independent of both the clinician’s and the client’s beliefs about reincarnation because the dream content can be understood as being just good fiction as it is in classical dream analysis.

Dr Paul Schenk is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Atlanta, USA. For a quarter of a century he has explored numerous applications of hypnosis for treating a variety of presenting problems. An Approved Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, his articles have appeared in professional and lay journals.

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