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February 24, 2018

Kidz-fiz-biz: physical business for kids

Marlene Rattigan

Education > Music and Movement
Kidz-fiz-biz: physical business for kids

kidz-fiz-biz is an essential resource for busy teachers, especially those lacking extensive musical expertise. Everything you require for each session is provided, avoiding the necessity to search around for just the right piece of music. At the same time, sessions are suf.ciently .exible to enable the substitution of other musical scores or ideas. Whether you decide to use the programme in toto, oras a springboard for your own ideas, the outcome will be the same. You will be contributing to the children’s joy in learning, at the same time as developing their physical and musical prowess. kidz-.fiz-biz is a timely resource that comes highly recommended.

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ISBN: 9781845900007
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