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March 17, 2018

Cool Cat Chem Cards

Caroline Griffiths & John Griffiths

Education > Games and Activities
Cool Cat Chem Cards

This pack of cards could bring a new dimension of fun to the study of the world around us in its most basic, elementary form. There are so many processes to be studied in the curriculum that the building blocks are sometimes forgotten. Various games can be played with the cards and are aimed at reinforcing the starting point of chemistry - the periodic table and its elements. The statistics included will demonstrate the similarities and differences of the chemicals and highlight how the macroscopic world is so very different to its constituent microscopic essentials. The pack contains 56 cards: 2 introductory cards, 5 each of groups I-VIII, 12 transition metals and, uranium and plutonium. The front of each card states the chemical name, symbol, group, metal/non-metal/metalloid status, colour, fact, source and hazard symbol (where appropriate). The back contains physical data such as atomic number, mass number density, melting point, boiling point, number of isotopes and electrical conductivity.

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ISBN: 9781904424987
Product Code 20308


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