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February 24, 2018

Win-Win Discipline

Spencer Kagan, Patricai Kyle & Sally Scott

Education > Discipline
Win-Win Discipline This is the most comprehensive, outstanding resource on classroom discipline we have ever seen. Never before has there been a more practical and powerful approach to discipline in schools. Efficiently ending disruption is merely the beginning: Win-Win provides a step by step roadmap to teaching students skills so they will never need to be disruptive again. Win-Win shows you how to convert disruptions into learning opportunities. You will teach your students to: - Turn anger into rational decision making - Replace boredom with active engagement - Channel excess energy into productive learning - Transform control-seeking into self-efficacy - Stop attention-seeking by learning self-validation - Convert avoidance of failure into self-confidence Win-Win Discipline empowers you to deal with all discipline problems. Its preventative procedures make most discipline problems disappear before they ever happen. And when disruption does occur, Win-Win gives you the tools to assess the disruption appropriately and respond effectively in the moment-of-disruption and afterwards. A truly outstanding resource and highly recommended.

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ISBN: 9781879097810
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