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February 21, 2018

About Time

Nick Kemp

NLP > Audio
About Time About Time is the third in the series of Human Alchemy CDs and unsurprisingly has the central theme of time, how we use it, how we can make use of it and how we can create it. Nick Kemp has always been fascinated by the concept of time and particularly interested in how altered state work can create a sense of time distortion in all manner of useful ways. When he was director of a business in the 1990s, the company`s success was hugely dependant on meeting deadlines and he learned how to use time usefully in a business context. To this day he still trains others in time management! Nick’s 25 years of exploring personal development systems has taught him that time, as an universal concept, is linked to location and the perception of change both within and without. Our "sense of time" is greatly determined by how and what we pay attention to. In hypnotic states we can notice how time can distort, so a few minutes can seem like hours! Was £18.99

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ISBN: 9780954599386
Product Code 19542


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