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February 24, 2018

Little Owl's Book of Thinking: An Introduction to Thinking Skills

Ian Gilbert

Education > Thinking Skills
Little Owl's Book of Thinking: An Introduction to Thinking Skills

Karen Moxam says:

I first read this book when Crown House sent it to us for review! I love Ian Gilbert’s work anyway and this book had me captivated from the very first sentence "It’s amazing what you can do on a train bound for Exeter (I wasn’t bound for Exeter, the train was)." My curiosity was aroused, my imagination fired up and I was ready for the journey ... The whole book is an endearing conversation between baby owl and his dad, and is a really gentle metaphor about exploring thinking skills. It is a thought provoking and empowering read for all ages and I now always make sure my son’s class teacher gets a copy for Christmas!

"How do you do it, Dad?" asked Benny, the owlet. (For those of you who don't know, an owlet is a little owl, like a piglet is a little pig, and outlet is a little out but not all the way.) "Do what?" said Big Owl, Benny the Owlet's Dad, who being grown up didn't need letters after his name. "Be so wise and all knowing?" "Well," replied the wise, middle-aged owl, "I think it's just an owl thing. To be honest I am not really sure how I got to be omniscient." "Will I be wise like you when I'm all grown-up?" asked Benny, who was too small to appreciate semantic irony. "Well," said Big Owl, "that depends on how you think." "Think about what?" asked Benny. "No. Just think," came the reply. This brilliant little book continues in this entertaining style to describe the seven lessons Benny receives from his wise old father, keen to teach his son how to think and think well. Ideal for teachers, parents and older children, this book is an excellent method of introducing the concept of thinking skills and why they are so important. All ages.

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ISBN: 9781904424352
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