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February 24, 2018

Grieve No More, Beloved : The Book Of Delight

Ormond McGill

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Grieve No More, Beloved : The Book Of Delight

Roy Hunter says:

In 1990 Ormond McGill started talking to me about his late wife. He said, "Her name was Delight and she WAS a DELIGHT!" His love for his late wife was obvious, and he missed her greatly. He told me that she communicated with him from the other side, comforting him and answering questions about life and death. He said that he wanted to write a book about her someday. He kept that promised by writing this book. Regardless of your views about life beyond the current life, this book just might bring hope and touch your soul.

When Ormond McGill's wife, Delight, died, he was grief-stricken. Yet even her untimely death could not break the bond of their love, and from 'beyond the veil' she began to contact her beloved husband. Ormond wrote this book to bring solace to all those who hold in their hearts a loved one who has passed on, to bring them a message of hope and about the continuation of life. Here, with Ormond as her scribe, Delight answers many questions about life after death, bringing comfort and insight, joy and hope, and the proof that loved ones are never lost.

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ISBN: 9781904424161
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