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February 21, 2018

Adventures in Human Understanding: Stories for Exploring the Self

John G Watkins

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Adventures in Human Understanding: Stories for Exploring the Self

"All life is an exploration, right from the start. Some folks believe this beginning occurs when a sperm and an egg cell embrace. Others think it's when we leave the warmth of our mother's womb. Either way, it's "Startin’ Time," and the adventures begin." So begins Adventures in Human Understanding, where the story is revealed as a therapeutic tool - the medium by which lessons may be learnt and persist in the memory; and the medium that provides metaphors for life, gleaning meaning from experience. Leading clinical psychologist John G. Watkins PhD has embodied his extensive knowledge of psychology in the ‘adventures in human understanding’ gathered in this book. Arranged into four sections that address the four stages of life, each story is followed by a psychological analysis, ensuring that Adventures in Human Understanding will be an effective instrument for facilitating therapy, as well as an enjoyable source of stories for everyone. A unique insight into the unconscious motivations that underlie human behaviour.

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ISBN: 9781899836758
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