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February 19, 2018

Games Business Experts Play: Winning at the Games of Business

L Michael Hall

NLP > Business
Games Business Experts Play: Winning at the Games of Business

Business is all about playing games. It is about creating chances, being competitive, and tackling tricky situations. Above all, it is about winning. When we discuss expert game-playing, what we are talking about are successful sets of actions and interactions. People who perform brilliantly in business are successful because they are ‘programmed’ in a particular way: they know the rules of the game, the right games to play, and the right way to play them. Because of this, they achieve results, and win - automatically. Games Business Experts Play reveals the games business experts play in order to succeed - and the successful ways to play them. As you read this book you will learn to play games that work for you, and you will understand that successful game-playing involves changing your frame of mind - because it is only when you change your own frame, and replicate the frame of a business expert, that you too will become a consistently, habitually successful business person.

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ISBN: 9781899836727
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