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February 24, 2018

NLP Workbook

Joseph O'Connor

NLP > Training
NLP Workbook

The latest book from the pen of this renowned author. Presented in an easy-to-follow format, some of the topics discussed in detail are: rapport and trust, changing emotional states, how to visualize, negotiation skills, mental rehearsal, the language of the conscious and unconscious, and coaching. Discover how outstanding individuals and organisations get their results.

As reviewed by Judith Lowe: I recommend this book to anyone wanting to start on their journey of NLP. It’s one of Joseph O’Connor’s absolute, best-seller classics, written in his impeccably clear and accessible style. It’s a thorough, totally user-friendly guidebook to NLP with all the key models brought to life with stories, examples and self-help homeworks. I believe it was based on his company’s original Practitioner Manual and it certainly gives you a sense of the scope and range of what a full Practitioner programme should offer – and just how much practice and experience is required to integrate such a diverse skill set and know-how. It’s a very popular book with our students and gets positive reviews year on year. If you’re interested to know more about NLP as a beginner, or refresh and deepen your NLP as a Practitioner, then you will really enjoy this elegant and subtle workbook.

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ISBN: 9780007100033
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